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Beginner’s Guide to Stuffed Cookies

Beginner’s Guide to Stuffed Cookies

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Enjoy this E-book on everything there is to know to master the art of stuffed cookies! Please allow some time for the download, the file is 19 pages and may take a couple minutes. This E-book will guide you on insider tips & tricks while diving deep into techniques, ingredients, how to stock your pantry and prepare your kitchen. This E-book does not include recipes, but there are many recipes on my website that you can search!

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Customer Reviews

Based on 20 reviews
Great information!

I am brand new to stuffed cookies, haven't made any The information in the Beginners Guide to Stuffed Cookies is very helpful!

I did a mistake

I recently bought a cookie and added my email in their web page, later I received emails asking for a review, I received that email twice and then I received this email asking for a review, I was confused because the name is similar to this name and I left 3 starts and my opinion about my experience in that bakery. Then I realized that I made mistake and I wrote the review in this page instead of the other page. I do not know how to edit or delete my other review and this is why I am writing this second review. My apologies for my bad review here because It was not written for this page.

Sounds like you have me confused with Crumbl. I do not have a store, and you've never tried my cookies since I don't sell cookies.

Useful tips and help!

I'm someone who's baked drop cookies, bars, decorated sugar cookies and other treats forever. But I'd never successfully done stuffed cookies before. The tips and tricks and info in this ebook were very helpful.


Bummed . I thought there would be recipes

Mrs Bailey
It was ok.

It was worth what I paid. And I got it for free. Basic info that everyone knows. In a little pdf. Buy her recipes not this book

Respectfully, myself and everyone else disagree. But I’m glad you know it all, that’s super awesome for you! Yay!!