Cookie Nom’ster Recipe
Cookie Nom’ster Recipe

Cookie Nom’ster Recipe

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Our best selling cookie! People spot this cookie from afar and just have to have it. Originally designed for the younger crowd. However, we had more adults customers than kids! 

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Customer Reviews

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Love them!

These cookies are awesome! My customers love them and they are incredibly easy to make. I live at elevation and make some small adjustments, and they always turn out great.

Best cookie recipes. 10/10

I have bought 6 recipes from her and I am getting nothing but high raves from all my customers! These recipes are so versatile, u can even make them your own flavors as I have done. The dough itself on every batch I’ve made has been super sturdy & has held every filling I’ve tried to add! Even marshmallow! Again Best Cookies Ever! 10/10 would definitely recommend everyone buy her stuff! These cookies are 🔥


Great recipe!

Hannah Miot
Pretty decent

Turned out just like the picture, texture and thickness where very nice but the only thing was I didn’t like was the fact that it tasted very bland? To me and others who test tasted. I used a food coloring that I always use in other cookies so I don’t think that was the problem. It might’ve possibly been the large amount of flour to sugar ratio? I’m not sure since I seem to be the only one with this issue ): You definitely should give it a shot though! The size and texture is good.

Jane Robison
Worked out great

No problems with this recipe. Delicious and fun.