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Dad Bod Recipe

Dad Bod Recipe

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Award winning at our beach market! We sell out of this one every time, keep this one in your back pocket!! 

Traditionally, (the crispi cookie way) Dad Bod is a chocolate chip cookie with mini m&m’s, and then stuffed with Nutella. This cookie makes the perfect base for all stuffed cookies

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Customer Reviews

Based on 35 reviews

Love it

More than pleased!

Let me start by saying that I am the cheapest person alive and paying for a recipe when there are 10k online for free KILLED me. But the reviews were so good I just had to know what the hype was about. The texture of this cookie is everything I’ve ever wanted, I am s texture person with cookies. I’ve only made the original recipe so far but my family loved them. I do believe I’ll recover from the financial investment of three whole dollars and now I have this amazing base that will keep me busy with mix ins for weeks! I’m sold for sure and will not hesitate to invest in a few more recipes that have caught my eye.

Janay Reyes
Love it!

Really good base for other flavors as well! ♥️

Tammy Carter
A good cookie

Pretty basic base that you can do a lot with. As prepared, it's a really good cookie and very impressive to all who see it.

The best recipe ever

This recipe is by far the best base chunky cookie recipe ever! I’ve been using a levain bakery type recipe which was working fine until I tried to modify with different flavours it didn’t hold up so well. This however, this not only held good shape and form no matter what i filled it with, it also tasted amazing and looked amazing 🤩 picture of the S’mores type I made (note this was still rather warm when I cut into it hence the doughy-ness in the middle as they hadn’t finished fully setting)